Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pain in the neck!!

Oops, I guess my enthusiastic start to Pilates and strength training (3 weeks ago) was a little to good to be true!
Despite the initial aches and strains from rediscovering muscles I'd forgotten I posessed, I suddenly developed a real 'pain in the neck' this week that has only continued to get worse.

I have now been seeing my friend the physio,aka the 'torturer', who knowingly informs me of my swelling between three joints in my neck to be the cause of my soreness! Her treatment works but of course 'no pain, no gain'!

Sadly, my exercise regime is taking a break as is my beloved tennis, gardening, housework.....did I say housework? No rest for the wicked there unfortunately!
Not one to rest on self pity, my little injury hasn't stopped my creativity......
I made this the afternoon after I first returned from physio....

I plan to have this little gem available in my etsy store over the next few days. Take anyone's fancy???

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