Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting my hands dirty!

Sometimes,there's just no escaping the call of Nature....Yes it's very cold here but the sun does shine and as long as the rain holds off I'm out of here and into my vegie patch!

I'm very pleased with my winter brassicas so far and my beautiful orange tree. I'm proud to say my broccoli, caulis, cabbage, sprouts,silverbeet,lettuce and potatoes are all thriving. I have taken the plunge and planted out my little carrot seedlings, kale and leeks, but they look so fragile and lost in the good earth! I hope they thrive like their bigger cousins have.....

And of course, just to whet the appetite jewellery wise, look at these little pretties....vintage lampwork beads with jet swarovski crystals.....like jewelled sprouts but the non edible variety!!

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