Friday, July 8, 2011

Hoot hoot!

At my last craft market a frequent 'stopper by' and admirer of my work asked if I had any owls incorporated in my jewellery designs. I had been shopping for owls only the previous week and told her I had my eyes on a few ceramic owls handmade by a talented fellow etsian. They were purchased this week but in the meantime, i have ventured into the nocturnal world of open eyed owls.
These two necklaces feature silverplated owls that have remarkable texture. My tree of owls will be featured tomorrow for the first time at my next market.
I'm hoping some will leave the perch and fly to loving homes!

In the meantime, enjoy these two:
(More owls soon to appear in my etsy shop, )


  1. Oh wow I really like the top owl necklace so cute, owls are my favourite birds.

  2. Thanks Kelly. Owls really are fascinating creatures and are truly amazing to see up close.