Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Winter delights

My garden is bursting with colour right now. Yes, even in the middle of this very cold winter! Not only colour abounds in the various camellia varieties I grow but also fragrance......ahh! daphne! My all time fragrance in winter would have to be that produced by this beautiful, yet faithful shrub, daphne odora.
I have four (20yr old) daphnes growing along my paved front garden path, having lost two during the last long drought. These remaining plants flower religiously each winter and never fail to amaze me with their beauty.
As for my camellias...... only two varieties were picked for this winter vase. Camellia Debutante and Guillio Nuccio variegata.

I thought this little arrangement would brighten up the ensuite on these very cold mornings......It sure has!!

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