Saturday, October 13, 2012

Road Trip.....Day 3

Journey to Hall's Gap. Our first stop was made at Mc.Kenzie Falls.We went on a lovely bush walk walking amongst and near towering gum trees and other native flora.Unusual and ever so pretty native wildflowers greeted us on our journey to the Falls. I stopped beside a towering 'Blackboy' or xanthranthus australis'. I had never before seen one growing so tall! Next stop....Wartok Reservoir. This huge reservoir was full and very expansive! Our approach to Hall's Gap was so scenic! Magnificent scenery and rugged mountain range. Whilst at Hall's Gap we visited the Native Wildflower Exhibition.I especially loved the dainty native orchids on display. Travelling on, we stopped at Mt.Zero Olives.Acres and acres of olive trees at the foot of towering Mt.Zero.I was particularly surprised but impressed by all the wildflowers growing in the sandy soil beneath the many trees.It looked like the olive trees were springing up from a blue carpet!

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