Thursday, February 13, 2014

First organic potato crop in raised beds at the Acreage.

After Trev so carefully made eight lovely veggie beds on our Acreage in Heathcote, Victoria, I thought I would try and plant my first crop of potatoes in one bed and see what happens! I dug the tough, dry, clay soil. Sprinkled gypsum quite heavily to help open up the clay. Watered well. Put down layers of hay, mulch, top soil, chook poo,watered well some more, then more layers of the same. Finally, I planted my Desiree seed potatoes all over the rectangular bed. The first photo shows the bed with layers prepared. Second photo shows the first potato plants peeping through. In all, we had 25 plants growing steadily. The next photo shows the change in soil after two/three months and one of our first potatoes plus a juicy, happy worm! The last photo shows part of our produce which we have steadily enjoyed over the last month or two.

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