Monday, March 24, 2014

Garden treasure!

I have been longingly waiting for my crucifix orchid to flower for the first time because I initially planted this plant from a cutting a dear friend gave me many years ago.

I have been hoping the flowers would be a red shade (my favourite).

The plant produced amazing long tendrils of leafy growth over the last twelve months, but still no flowers.

About two months ago, early summer, I noticed one long,thin,leafless stem growing vertically from the middle of two leaves.
Could it be?????

My plant HAS flowered for the first time and my, what a beauty!

I even got what I hoped flowers! And just look at their detail and delicacy......

My crucifix orchid.....

I always like to try and find one or two of my handcrafted jewellery pieces to 'connect' with my blog post. Here it red glass cross necklace which sold to a very eager young man at last Sunday's Craft Market.

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