Sunday, September 20, 2009

Backyard delights!

Look what I managed to grow in my little vegie patch out the first cauli and not a blemish on it! No snails, slugs, earwigs or other pest, and all grown organically. Please to say I have four more cauliflowers growing nicely too.

On a floral note, just love the cheeriness and blueness of these sweet marguerite daisies growing alongside my pond. Sweet pair of earrings to carry the blue theme through.....


  1. Maryann, that cualiflower looks like it's quite cozy in those leaves and wishs not to be disturbed! :-) Very nice garden and earrings!

  2. Carolyn,it only took a few more days for that cauli to grow twice that size! Needless to say,the end result tasted soo good!
    Three more to go now!

  3. Hi Maryann :)

    Oh those earrings are so unique and beautiful!!!
    Congrats on your lovely Cauliflower, it's head looks so full and tight!
    we are in the middle of making a very large vegie patch in our backyard as well, so we are looking forward to watching lots of yummy veggies grow, I hope we are as successful as you :)

    I'm so glad the sun shone for your birthday as well and that you could enjoy being in your garden ♥

  4. your jewelry and the decorative items are beautiful:!! i also love the picture with the purple color!! beautiful atmosphere!

    cartucho r4i