Thursday, April 30, 2009

Purple velvet....

Isn't this flower the most gorgeous, velvety shade of purple to be seen in nature? It actually feels as fabulous as it looks!
Mexican Sage is its name, a member of the salvia family. I have it growing in my front garden now(a result from cuttings taken a few months ago round the backyard where the parent plant was growing but had to make way for a new veggie patch!)
If looks could could the smell, believe me!!! Not very pleasant to my nose anyway.
I don't stop and smell it, just stand in awe of its beauty.

Of course, once having drunk deeply of this beautiful colour,I created this simple but different pendant/necklace, once again playing with the purple/amethyst theme from the sage.

I like it, do you?

P.S. The colourful tourmaline kiltpin sold the other day and is flying to its new home in Hawaii!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Colourful beauty!

Here is the latest addition to my beaded kiltpins/brooches that I have in my etsy shop. The genuine tourmaline briolettes are so delicate yet so full of colour! I'm so glad I captured some of this translucence in this photo with the sun streaming in onto my display.

The little fluorite chips add a textural contrast without challenging the lovely colours of the stones below.

And the butterfly? A little touch of whimsy and because the briolettes remind me of gossamer wings!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Journey through a Kazuri garden....

The cool greeness and freshness of the vegetables shown in my last blog inspired me to create this necklace.....I have always admired and loved the earthiness and beauty gone into the making of Kazuri beads from Kenya, so this creation just came naturally!

I had listed this necklace in my etsy store last week and on Sunday, a lovely lady bought it for her mother!

Great choice!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From the good earth....

Here they are! My first, healthy crop of 'Dragon's Tongue' beans which I planted several weeks ago after losing my original crop to the horrible three days of hell back in Feb!
They are an heirloom variety which means the seeds have been saved through the generations and these will surely be treasured! (Only the last few will be retained because I plan to eat these delicious legumes as soon as!)

They are a lovely cream colour with a striking purple marking. Once cooked, the whole bean reverts to a green!

And of course, just a little diversion, isn't this just exquisite? I've been growing this rose for the last 20 years and its blooms and heavenly perfume never fail to amaze me! This is the lovely 'Peach Nectar'.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A departure from the ordinary...

Look what just dropped by! The gorgeous 'redness' of the Nerine flower in my lasy post inspired me to hunt out other red delectables in my posession.

The result......this jewelled spider choker, complete with venemous red droplets!

A slight diversion from my usual, earthy or elegant pieces but such FUN to make! Now, who wants to wear it and do it some justice???